Control Orienteering Analysis for Android

We are excited to publish this post about our Android version. With the latest 1.1 update, it is finally the correct time to go through our Android app, to cover its features and its future.

First of all, we want to thank Punos Mobile for kick-starting our Android app development last year, fall/winter of 2020. The development got the significant push it needed. If you are looking at building something web or mobile-related and need extra hands, go and check these guys out. They are amazing!

The development took us until summer to release our first public beta, to August 2021 to release the 1.0. Now, we are roughly one year later at this point and we just released 1.1 with the long-awaited points editing feature. Latest version is downloadable from the Google Play Store. The next goal is to catch up our iOS app counterpart in features.

The app


The Android app is pretty much similar to the iOS version. You can

  • Import courses from .fit, .gpx or .control file
  • Import courses from Garmin Connect as well as from Suunto
  • Add a map image from camera, image file, or .pdf file
  • Add notes & link to the course
  • See the HR, pace and altitude charts of the course
  • See the control point intervals on the course
  • Add or remove control points
  • Move track start and/or end point if needed
  • Share .gpx or .control file of the course (to use with other devices running Control app)
  • Share a map image with your course laid on top with configurable settings

Total Control

App is free to use to a certain limit: Currently you can freely add up to 10 courses then you need to subscribe our Total Control subscription. Otherwise you’d need to delete the old ones.

With the subscription you also gain the ability to directly fetch workouts from Garmin Connect or Suunto as well as to import .fit file and export .control-files.

You can buy the subscription with monthly or yearly plan. We offer a significant discount for the yearly plan still until end of this year while we are catching up the iOS features.


Editing points


Let’s get back to our latest update 1.1 which brought the points editing feature. This has been highly requested since our first beta in the summer and it really pains us it has taken this long to manifest itself. But here it is. You can access it from the map’s menu, tap “Edit points”.

You can add & remove control points and move existing point places. Convenient if you have misplaced a control. By default, Control will place control points to your lap markers if you have set those along the track. (And if they are available in the .gpx file)

Moving works just by sliding those course scrubbers for a certain control. And by tapping/sliding the scrubber, the map will center to that control point.

Also from this editor you can trim your course by moving the start or end points as well. Convenient if you have forgotten to stop the tracking at the finish line or if you have started early when preparing to start.

The future

Next on Android we will focus on delivering some features alongside the iOS and also bringing couple more features to Total Control from the iOS.

The obvious missing ones currently are What If and Replay. We are working on them but cannot really give a time estimate yet on their release dates.

Stay tuned on future updates!