Total Control

Basic usage of Control is free. However, we offer the possibility to purchase a subscription with added features and functionalities. You can choose from a yearly-based or monthly-based continuous subscription which you can cancel any time you like.

Garmin Connect + Control

With Total Control subscription you will get a possibility to link your Garmin Connect account with Control. This enables you to download your activities directly from Garmin Connect. You can import lap markers as control points into the app.

You just login with your Garmin Connect credentials, give Garmin Connect authority to connect with Control and then you are ready. Activities will be displayed and you can select which ones to download.

You will onyl need to connect once and after that all the future activities will also be displayed in the activity list.

What If?

Ever wondered what would your time been like if you'd have taken that other route option? All orienteers have thought something like that! With What If, you can measure the other option's distance and time and see how much time you lost/saved. Measuring calculates the time based on your average pace for the whole track.

Upcoming features

There are more features planned for 2020. Even though bugs will be fixed and basic functionality will be guaranteed for all users, all major new features will arrive only for our Total Control subscribers. Get Total Control to make the most out of Control.