Control Orienteering Analysis for iOS

Total Control

Control App on iPad and iPhone

Basic usage of Control is free. However, in order to get everything out of Control, you can purchase a subscription with added features and functionalities. You can choose between a yearly-based or monthly-based continuous subscription. Monthly subscription contains a free trial period. And you can cancel your subscription anytime!

Garmin Connect + Total Control

Control integrates with Garmin Connect

With Total Control subscription you will get a possibility to link your Garmin Connect account with Control. This enables you to download your activities directly from Garmin Connect. You can import lap markers as control points into the app.

You just login with your Garmin Connect credentials, give Garmin Connect authority to connect with Control and then you are ready. Activities will be displayed and you can select which ones to download.

You will only need to connect once and after that all the future activities will also be displayed in the activity list.

What If? - Analyse route options and mistakes

Have you ever wondered what would your time been like if you’d have taken that other route option? Would be weird if not: all orienteers have wondered that!

With What If, you don’t need to wonder or guess anymore, you can actually know. You can draw the alternate route to the map and measure its distance and time and actually see how much time you lost/saved. Measuring calculates the time based on your average pace for the whole track.

What If mistake analysis on iPhone

DOMA - Digital Orienteering Map Archive

Map published on Digital Orienteering Map Archive

With Total Control subscription you get the possibility to publish your maps & routes in DOMA. The digital orienteering map archive helps you display your and your friends’ orienteering maps and route choices on the web.

To be able to share to DOMA you need to provide the URL to your DOMA server and your username and password.

DOMA is a quite convenient tool for sharing your route choices to other orienteers and across the orienteering community. We are happy to support this tool from our part.

Pace zone analytics

Pace zone analytics

With your configured pace zones, you can see how much time/distance you spent in each zone during the course. You can divide the track to sectors and see were there differences in different parts of the track.

When a specific sector is selected, map shows only that part of the track for better focus.

Other features

Other notable features currently in Total Control:

  • Course sharing with friends using Control
  • Ability to import FIT files
  • Ability to import workouts from Health app

We are constantly developing Total Control subscription package. Currently all new features will be introduced to Total Control subscribers so we encourage you to subscribe to be on top of the latest development.