Compare route choices with alternative routes

Friday 16 Feb 2024 101137 1

We are introducing a big feature with version 3.9 of Control iOS & Mac apps: Alternative routes!

You can now add another route for comparison on the same map and view the times, distances and elevation gain between both of these tracks.

You need to have an already calibrated map before doing this. Then you will need to have the other track file. It can be a .gpx, .fit or .control file.

Also you will need a Total Control subscription for this. If you are new to the subscription, there is always the opportunity of 2-week free trial.

Adding another route is made very easy for you: You just tap the new routes-button found in the map view & select a file. After that, the new route is imported and calibrated automatically and is viewable right away.

Sometimes you might need to adjust calibration and you can do that easily from the routes menu in the comparison mode. You can also edit control points of either track from the same menu.

What is also awesome is that these route choices will be saved on device so you can always return to the comparison later on.

Currently we have a limitation of one alternative route. In order to view another one, you need to remove the earlier.

Alternative Routes Button
Routes Menu

If both of your tracks contain same amount of control points, route comparison is able to show you a control-to-control comparison. Just tap a segment in the route or select it from the list.

Swiping left or right or tapping the bars will move your indicators to the correct place in relation to the other track.

Tapping the grayed-out route segment will highlight and move the comparison to that segment instead.

We hope this will be a very fun way to compare route choices between you and your friends right after the race!

This feature is currently only for iOS & Mac but rest assured, we are developing it to Android as well.

Route comparison works with all of your tracks from any event and locally on your device. So you can watch your route choices even in an airplane without network.

We hope you enjoy it!