Control user account and Android cloud sync

We are releasing exciting features with new app versions iOS & Mac 3.11 and Android 1.15! These releases are out now, so please update.

Control user account

Now you are able to create a Control user account. Creating it is very easy, tap the Add new account in Settings and provide an email address. We will email you a passcode to that address and by inputting that you are in!

You don’t ever have to remember a password for our service, just your email address is enough.

After that you can fill in your profile details, choose a profile picture and enter your orienteering club if you have one.

Profile Screens
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There are couple benefits for a Control user account now and even more coming later.

First, your personal account functions as a link between both platforms, iOS & Android. As a first linked item, your Total Control subscription is shared between both platforms. We used to have a clunkier way of sharing the subscription but now it is dead easy: You just sign in with the same user account on both platforms.

Your personal user account is indeed personal and we intend to bring even more features to it later so it is not advisable to share this with a larger group.

Which brings us to the second benefit: Cloud syncing of courses in Android.

Android Cloud sync

With the user account, you are able to upload all your courses to our cloud service and share them with all your devices.

Only thing you need to do is check that the switch “Sync courses across your devices” is activated in your profile. Also, you will need Total Control -subscription for this feature.

Once the switch is on, Control will upload all your courses to the cloud and download all the changes from your updates performed on other devices. Also you will get all your old courses when you freshly install a new device.

We have had iCloud sharing between Apple devices for a long time already but this is the first time Android users will experience the same. This will first work only between Android devices. We plan to extend this to iOS as well, after which we have a fully platform-independent syncing solution. But that will be released later.

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Next we’ll continue pushing the Control app forward –as usual. Next steps for utilizing the Control account will be even more exciting. Stay tuned!