iPad feature updates

I wanted to go through several important updates that we’ve made to Control in recent versions 2.2.1 and 2.2.2. The version numbers might be small but changes are actually quite significant for iPad users. We have now multiple window support, better trackpad/mouse support and more keyboard shortcuts!

Multiple windows

First, let’s look at how multiple window support in iPad works. This was added in the currently latest version 2.2.2. Possibly simplest way to trigger it is drag & drop a course to the side to create a new window.

This enables you to have two instances of Control open at the same time. So you can open for instance another course next to it, possibly imported course from a friend for comparing route choices.

Also, you can just open a new window of Control dragging it from the dock. This functionality is available to all iPad users.

Pointer support

The other improvements are targeted for our iPad users who have keyboard & mouse/trackpad attached. We already kind of supported pointers but in 2.2.1 we greatly enhanced this. The interaction when calibrating a route with a mouse works differently.

When tapping with a finger/pencil user moves the selected point on track and after finding a correct place, needs to anchor & create a new point from button on bottom. With a pointer, the selection moves as user hovers the track and clicking will anchor it in place.

Also there is a difference when deleting a calibration point; with the pointer you can just right-click any point to bring up the contextual menu for deletion. When doing this via touch, you need to first select the marker and then the second tap will reveal it.

App’s main view, the courses list, is also enhanced with pointer hover effects.

Keyboard shortcuts

In case you have external keyboard attached to your iPad, you can also enjoy some better keyboard support since 2.2.1. All map views — also calibration & What If — now support zooming via cmd+ and cmd- -keyboard shortcuts. We added keyboard shortcuts also to calibration view whereas in earlier versions only courses list and the map view had them.

Control supports iPad keyboard
Control supports iPad keyboard shortcuts

What next?

don’t want to directly imply that these enhancements would make a Mac version of Control possible but… they are kind of making it more possible.