Support for DOMA

DOMA (Digital Orienteering Map Archive) is a service that has existed quite some time for orienteering map storing and now we are finally supporting it in Control app! We have been working hard for the past few weeks to deliver this feature, and now finally it is released. Let me walk you through this feature.

You as a user can login to your own DOMA server with your username & password. These are saved only to your device and sent securely over the network when accessing the server.

After a successful login you can send any of your maps to DOMA with “Send to DOMA” action in either long-pressing the course in Courses list or selecting it from the menu of the map view.


Next, you will see a screen which is very similar to image sharing. You can tweak route opacity and track/point size before sending. Also you can select a category for the map. List of categories is fetched from your DOMA server.

Once you are done, pressing Send will send your map to your DOMA server.

In DOMA, you can see your maps like all others with some notable exceptions. Currently we are not supporting the image metadata which would allow you to see the map also located in the satellite map. However your course name, distance and course notes are added from Control.

Map published on Digital Orienteering Map Archive
Control supports publishing map and route to your Digital Orienteering Map Archive

DOMA is a quite convenient tool for sharing your route choices to other orienteers and across the orienteering community. We are happy to support this tool from our part.

Like almost all our new features, this feature is also part of our Total Control subscription package. By purchasing our subscription you will have a much nicer Control app experience and you will support our continuous development!