Share Total Control subscription between platforms

You can share a subscription between Google Play and App Store. For this functionality you need Android device with the app version 1.15 or newer and iOS / Mac app version 3.11 or newer.

NOTE: There used to be a more complex way inputting a shared code from other device, that got replaced in Android 1.15 and iOS 3.11. Follow these instructions instead.

TL;DR: Just sign in with a Control user account on both platforms.

How to share Total Control between platforms

Follow these steps if you have purchased Total Control from App Store or Google Play Store.

1. Check that you have ongoing Total Control subscription on either App Store or Google Play

You can see the status in Settings Total Control

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2. Sign in with the same Control user account on both platforms

It is preferable that you sign in first on that platform which has the subscription ongoing.

If you don’t have Control user account you can create it in Settings Add new user account. Follow the instructions there.

New User Account

3. When signed in with both platforms, Total Control is enabled!

Every new device where you sign in with the same account will get the subscription benefits also.

If your Total Control subscription disappeared in the process, you can press Restore old purchase on the platform where you made the original purchase.

If you still encounter issues, shut down the app and restart. If that does not seem to help, please contact us. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

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