Video Share & Replay are now available on Android

For Control, the spring of 2022 has been all about improving our Android app. First we gave users more options to place the map info bubble. Then we introduced Replay as a Total Control feature. With Replay you can just watch your performance play out with the speed you select.

After Replay it was time to bring the Video Share feature to Android as well. It is now available in version 1.5.

Video Share works pretty much the same as in the iOS (We introduced the feature last year) You select a starting point and the video length and the length of the tail of your location, tap Preview-button and you have a video!

Video will playback your route at bigger speed with the key metrics displayed on top. Also your control marks will be displayed as a flashing white ball when you pass the control point.

We made some fine tuning to the UI in Android: Instead of the length, you select the start and end position of the video. When dragging either start or end handle you will see a preview image of that spot at that time. We think this works very well and this will probably be updated as the default behaviour in the iOS & Mac apps as well.

Like in iOS & Mac, you will be able to share the video to anywhere you like by tapping the Send button on top right corner.

Here you can see the final result.

Video Share is a feature which we think will bring lots of joy to our users. It is a one thing to see the map image with the track layer of a certain mistake but completely another to see the video of the performance when you will witness the waitings, the stops and the speed-ups.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

And furthermore, this feature is free for all users.