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Control is an orienteering post race analysis tool you can use to visualise your run on an orienteering map. This page lists the user guide articles.

Getting Started

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  • Connecting Control App with Livelox

    Control App can publish orienteering GPS routes to Livelox. User can track route with an Apple Watch, Garmin, Suunto, iPhone or Android device and publish it directly from Control App to Livelox.

  • How to calibrate GPS track on a map

    Once track has been imported to Control app the GPS route is calibrated to match the map picture. To add map image, open the imported course and tap the menu icon. Then select Add map image… Select the way you want to import the orienteering map: Typically best result you get with either importing map…

  • Import tracks from Polar

    Total Control users can track their workout with their Polar watch and easily import workouts directly from Polar’s services.

  • Importing GPS Route for Analysis

    Control supports various ways of importing your orienteering course GPS tracks for post race analysis. As all features may not be familiar to all users, we want to break down all the ways you can track your route and plot in on a map.

  • Placing control points on map

    After marking the control points on the route, Control app can display direct distance between each control point and the actual distance run. Control app also displays the deviation as percentage. Control app will display split times for each control point as well as pace (min/km) for each control point. Control can automatically import lap…

  • Publish your orienteering tracks to Livelox

    Control App allows users to track their orienteering track and publish the GPS route to Livelox for comparing with fellow runners.

  • Share Total Control subscription between platforms

    You can share a subscription between Google Play and App Store. For this functionality you need Android device with the app version 1.6 or newer and iOS / Mac app version 3.3 or newer.

  • Suunto Sync: Import tracks easily

    With our latest Control App update we have implemented one of users’ top feature requests: Suunto Sync. Now our users can track their workout with their Suunto watch and easily import the workout directly from Suunto’s services. Suunto Sync also allows user using Sports Tracker to import their workouts to Control App.