Publish your orienteering tracks to Livelox

We are happy to share the news that latest versions of Control App can publish your orienteering tracks directly to Livelox. This feature works both on Apple and Android devices.

This is one of the features our users have requested and we are happy to add this to the external services Control App supports. Control App users can now record their GPS track with their phone, Apple Watch or other sports watch and then publish it to Livelox to compare their tracks with fellow competitors.

Livelox Connect is part of the Total Control Subscription that gives users additional features such as importing tracks from Garmin, Suunto, Health app or FIT files and analyzing mistakes with What If and Zone Analysis.

Initiate Livelox login
Send course to Livelox dialog
Log into Livelox
On your first use you need to authorize connection
GPS track published to Livelox successfully from Control App.

On questions how to use Livelox, please check Livelox FAQ.