With the latest updates in our apps, we introduced a completely new feature: Tags. Now you can set any tag to a course – or actually a set of tags. With tags you can group different kinds of courses together and search them later in the courses grid view.

What tags?

Tags have a name and a colour. Tags can include: Sprint, forest, rainy, different map sizes, what ever you come up with. By default you have Training, Race, 1:5000, 1:10000, 1:15000.

You can set tags to a course either from the grid view menu or then inside the course by tapping the top menu and selecting “Set tags”.

You can add new tags, edit any existing tag, remove them (including also the default tags) and substitute them with your own ones. Also you can pick any color to a tag.

Tags are visible as colour bars in the courses grid item.

Filtering with tags

You can select one tag which to use for filtering courses.

On Android, you select a tag from the top-left drawer menu.

On iPhone, you select a tag from the top navigation bar button.

On iPad & Mac, the tags are easily selected from the left sidebar.

Remember that you can put any amount of tags to a single course!

Android face-lift

While implementing the tags feature in Android version 1.9 we also took the opportunity to make the Android courses grid view more modern. Android has now the tag colours in the grid items but also a brand new yearly header design which has a summary of what has been your yearly totals in time and distance.

Also we took Material Design 3 components into use, so that means fancier button styles and more colours. Also all menu styles have gone through more thought.

Tags is available in iOS / Mac version 3.5 and Android version 1.9. Be sure to keep your apps up to date!

Tags is again a Total Control –only feature, so remember to subscribe and you will not miss out on any new feature.