Suunto Sync: Import tracks easily

Import Tracks from Suunto 9

With our latest update we have implemented one of users’ top feature requests: Suunto Sync. We are now official partners with Suunto and that enables us to provide this feature.

Now our users can track their workout with their Suunto watch and easily import the workout directly from Suunto’s services. Suunto Sync also allows user using Sports Tracker to import their workouts to Control.

In the past Suunto users had to import manually GPX tracks which required several manual steps, now users can simply select from Control App which courses they want to import to Control App.

To be able to import tracks from Suunto, you need to give Control App access to your workout data at Suunto. Setting up the Suunto sync is easy just select “New run” in the main view and follow the steps:

Select import from Suunto

Login with your Suunto credentials
Authorize Control to access your workouts

Control lists all your Suunto workouts. Select the workout you want to import and click Import. All done and you are ready to start analyzing your latest run. From the settings menu, you can select an option to import lap markers as control points.

Workouts available for import from Suunto

Suunto Sync is part of Total Control

Suunto Sync is a feature which is available for Total Control subscribers. Subscribers get many other additional features that are not part of the free version:

  • Garmin Connect Sync – Easily import your routes from Garmin devices
  • What If? – Analyse route options and mistakes by comparing route option lengths and execution times
  • DOMA – Publish your maps and routes to Digital Orienteering Map Archive
  • Pace zone analytics – Analyse how much time/distance you spent in each zone during the course
  • Course sharing with friends using Control
  • Ability to import FIT files
  • Ability to import workouts from Health app

These all come as an addition to standard features available for all:

  • View course and pace on orienteering map
  • Export route according to GPX-standard
  • Export picture of the map and course as an image
  • Sync with other Apple devices using iCloud

If you are hesitant to try the subscription, remember there is also a free 14-day trial which you can get completely free of charge. If you don’t like it, just cancel it before the trial ends.

Final thoughts

We are excited about any new integrations like this and this is definitely one of the expected ones. Also, we still have more features on our road map for 2021. Stay tuned!